Romanian Grace

The dragon sits by the side of the road, watching those who pass. Beware lest he devour you. We go to the Father of Souls, but it is necessary to pass by the dragon. -- St. Cyril of Jerusalem

09 October, 2007

business as usual

We had our first team meeting as a whole team a little while ago. By "whole team" I mean all those people whom the Lord has specially called to serve him here in Romania with a common vision for God's glory and the planting of Romanian-led churches. We felt it was a good idea to meet so we could all have a similar idea of what that common vision is, exactly. Our latest members to arrive are Kim and Carol Watne, who are now doing language school way off in some other part of the country (a nine-hour train ride!). Here is a picture from that meeting. Context: Nicholas briefs the team on our basic modus operandi, PIMA, which is to plan, implement, measure, adjust. Actually, my personal "mo" is IMPA: implement, measure, panic, adjust.

Shortly after this meeting, our Team Administrator, Darin, and I went on a little vision and planning retreat of our own. Here's how it went.


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