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30 January, 2008

Ron Paul 08

Okay.  Look here, dear readers.  I am not going to clamber up on any political soapbox here, but I do need to put in a good word for my boy Ron Paul.  Has it occurred to you that the most important statement that has been made about Paul and his platforms is that he has received next to zero attention from the mass media.  Having realized that I possess a preternatural distaste for almost anything that carries the endorsement of the mass media, advertising agencies, networks, or the majority of our populous these days anyway, the fact that they pay no attention to him almost guarantees my support for him.  

If you do not know anything about Dr. Paul, I think it is at least your duty as a voting American to expose yourself to the radical principles behind which he stands (and has been standing for years in Congress).  I have been particularly impressed with his aversion to getting caught up in much of the rhetoric of this election and focusing what all of our serious candidates ought to be focusing on: the Constitutionality of our current government, its wars, its financial irresponsibility, its treaties, its tolerance....  So, I would recommend that you peruse his site at least to get an idea of what a candidate might say that is different from Hillary and Obama and Romney and Huckabee and McCain (who, with little exception, are all saying about the same thing...what?'ve noticed that, too?).  Just as Flannery (you thought I forgot about her for a little bit, didn't you?) defended her writing the grotesque by saying, "To the hard of hearing you shout, and for the almost blind you draw large and startling figures," Paul's message has to be far out, and even offensive, if it is even going to begin to indicate the many obvious reasons that our country ain't what it used to be.  But why is considering that the government should look more like what the Constitution proposes a radical and startling and unthinkable notion in our country today?

You might be thinking that, because you have not heard of him, he is a nobody with no chance of succeeding.  I would like to point out that he beat Huckabee in Nevada and received over 50,000 votes in Michigan, again, with no media support, not even being allowed on a Fox News forum with the other presidential candidates (including Rudy, and Thompson, whom he has beaten in every state so far).  He has a chance.

Vote for Ron Paul.  Seriously. 


At 31/1/08 16:28, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think in the past, I might have alligned myself with the Republican party, but I'm fairly disappointed with the whole process right about now. I wish we had a substantial third party that would force the other two to actually do something other than blame each other, which is getting old, DO something about it already.

At 31/1/08 18:04, Blogger Abigail Hartman said...


At 1/2/08 21:46, Blogger JD said...

Hi Nicolas,
Congrats on the engagement. I'm glad to find someone else I respect putting out the word on Paul. I endorsed him on my blog a few weeks ago and I'm putting the sign in my yard today. I hope it's not too little too late. Or maybe if the foolish Republicans turn him down he could run 3rd party?

At 2/2/08 11:03, Blogger IrelandRomania said...

Thank you, Abigail, for reminding me. My deepest apology to all Paul supporters for neglecting to mention on my blog what is perhaps the most compelling reason to vote for Dr. Paul. He looks very much like Magneto in the X-Men movies.

Avery, I think you have been put out with the Republican party because they seem to be arguing with the Democrats about something, but then you begin to question if they are really saying anything different about anything remotely important. We are dangerously close to a one-party country, which is dangerous to human dignity and individual freedoms (which are very near the same thing). Though Paul is a Republican, I do not know how he got their endorsement to run on that ticket. They must not have read his platform closely enough to realize that he actually believes most of this stuff. How's they new kid?

JD. I wish I were in the States right now to be doing what you are doing. A sign in the yard is better than nothing at all. Keep spreading the news.

At 3/2/08 22:20, Anonymous Anonymous said...

New kid is great, so is mom. Funny, we just watched X-men last night. Why do people choose Magneto over Gandalf? You going to stay in Romania after you get married?


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