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The dragon sits by the side of the road, watching those who pass. Beware lest he devour you. We go to the Father of Souls, but it is necessary to pass by the dragon. -- St. Cyril of Jerusalem

22 February, 2007

three poems

As evidenced by the progression and digression of my blogs, I think my creative energy tank is running pretty low. Nevertheless, here are three excellent poems written by my students (used by permission, of course). For each of them it was their first serious attempt at writing poetry. I think they pulled it off nicely.

"Dead Fish" - Daniel Hartman

Slapsound. Body of fish hitting flat water.
Lurch. Churn of water, hook sets in his gill.
Leap for air again, then plummet in the net
Tossed into a cooler, and that was it for him.
Slap! Goes the body of the fish against flat surface of my desk.
Lurch! My stomach churns as the stench reaches my nose,
gasp for clean air,
Then plummet to the floor.
Gasp again and manage to ask, “What is all this for?”
Single slime of scaly creature glued onto my desk.
Bloody features have made him as ugly as he is.
Onion peel fin on top. Razor sharp, and oh so thin.
Bony lips below no nose, force me to squeal
Have you ever seen a fish as ugly as can be,
if not, just wait, and you’ll find out, just please don’t act like me.

"Leaping" - Abigail Hartman

“Run, run leap!”
Land lightly on the blue carpet of the Mary Thorton room,
Tip-toe in worn ballet slippers around the green alligator
That sat in the church on Smythe Street,
To do it again.

Ms. Pelhan commanded again,
“Run!” across that sapphire studded floor.
“Leap!” over Bob, the noble alligator swimming in a lapis lazuli pond.
Float gently to the ground in pearly white slippers, walk around the emerald alligator,
To do it yet again.

"Fingerprints" - Katy Hartman

Hidden wonders
An untold future
Intricate designs
In the palm of my hand
Tumble and splash,
Cascading down
Each finger.
In a web of threads.
Swirling signature
Of fancy filigree
Flaunts its curling
Dance of twirling-
In such splendor displayed.


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